Interactive programme | 17.05.2018 | 10.00 – 17.00

Workshop: Upcycling—Painting Vintage Porcelain

In the past, the ‘good’ porcelain was something special. It stood in glass cabinets and was carefully put on the table for festive occasions. Painting these old treasures is a very poetic form of upcycling, makes them into something special, and gives them a new purpose—very much in the sense of sustainability.

Petra Müller, a calligrapher and porcelain painter, demonstrates the traditional Meissener painting technique and how quotes or children’s drawings, for instance, can be applied to cups or plates with a drawing pen. Individual pieces of old porcelain can be purchased on site. Please do, however, feel free to also bring pieces of porcelain from your family.

We start the day with a tour of the current exhibition The Fall of the Stars.

Participation fee: € 65 | plus € 10 for drinks and lunchtime snack
Registration by 3 May 2018

Painting Porcelain | © Petra Müller

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