Annual Programme 2/2018

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Dear Visitors,

We are very pleased to be able to present the first edition of our annual programme to you. For the Draiflessen Collection, which is located far away from major cities, providing you with the best possible information about our exhibitions, our inclusive mediation programme for young and old, our excursions, seminars, and concerts is an important concern, so that you can henceforth plan your visit to Mettingen – whether in the short or long term:

The entire summer, you can still dedicate yourself to the primal fear of the end of the world that has been inherent in all people at all times, but also to the hope for an afterlife, in the exhibition “The Fall of the Stars”. Perhaps you are also interested in joining us for an excursion to discover Leeuwarden, the Capital of Culture 2018. In the autumn, you can let yourself be impressed by the historical, current as well as forward-looking power of maps. The exhibition “across boundaries” juxtaposes artistic positions from various epochs that examine this only seemingly objective science. At the same time, the cabinet exhibition “Travel.Pictures” carries you away to the exotic travel reports of Nicholas de Nicolay, a geographer and Valet to the Chamber of Henri II, the king of France, and hence to the world and people of the Ottoman Empire of the 16th century. Or you can go on a regional search for traces of the abundance of surnames ending with “-meier” or “-meyer” in Tecklenburger Land within the framework of a symposium with experts.

We look forward to your visit!

Sincerely, Your

Corinna Otto, Director of the Draiflessen Collection

Jahresprogramm 2 2018
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