Annual Programme 2020 Outlook

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Dear visitors,

It is with great pleasure that we present the Draiflessen’s programme for 2020. As in previous years, we’ve once again put together an eclectic and wide-ranging array of exhibitions, events, and educational offerings.
The complete annual programme 2020 is available as a download.

Annual Programme 2020 | © Draiflessen Collection


Beginning in late March, we’ll be presenting “Hope”, the final exhibition in our trilogy, “Faith, Love, Hope”. Much like the first two exhibitions, “Faith” and “Love”, “Hope” brings together a very personal selection of twentieth- and twenty-first-century works of art that invite visitors to question and analyse the complexity, ambiguities, and possible contradictions of a concept that is as universal as it is individually and personally charged.
Marcella Hansch, founder of the start-up Pacific Garbage Screening, will be bringing her own message of  hope to Draiflessen. She and her interdisciplinary team are working on a solution to the problem of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. In April, she’ll present her vision to us in a Podium talk.

Hoffnung homepage
Hope | © Draiflessen Collection, Studio Carmen Strzelecki

Fashion and the Sea

The 2020 presentations in DAS Forum will continue to offer important glimpses into our archive and the work we are doing there. One such presentation, “Fashion Imagery – The 1920s in C&A Advertisements”, opens in May, and will feature examples of advertising art from our archive that convey the spirit and fashion of this fascinating decade.
June will see the opening of “Seascapes”, one of the highlights of our showcase exhibition programme. A presentation of seventeenth-century paintings, drawings and prints from our collection, this show focuses on the sea – as a place longed for, but also as a place where the unbridled forces of nature hold sway.

Fashion Imagery | © Draiflessen Collection

Mischa Kuball und Emil Nolde

In the autumn, we’ll turn our attention to a question that is currently being discussed on multiple levels: can an artist’s work be seen in complete isolation from the artist’s personality, from the person behind the work? The debate around Emil Nolde – the myth surrounding his life and his person, and the recent dissolution and deconstruction of this myth – has been particularly emotional in this regard. For the exhibition “Emil Nolde – A Critical Approach by Mischa Kuball”, conceptual artist Mischa Kuball will take a look at Nolde’s contradictory personality, at the discourse on mechanisms of art production and perception, and at the link between art and politics. 

Mischa Kuball, ... a critical approach!, 2019 | © Mischa Kuball, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2019

Welcome 2020!

There’s a whole lot more to discover at the Draiflessen Collection in 2020, as you will see. On this note – we are looking forward to an exciting and eventful year and to many varied and vibrant exchanges with you!     

Yours sincerely, 

Corinna Otto
Director of the Draiflessen Collection


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