Holiday Activities | 09.04.2020 | 11.00 – 13.00

Fun at the Museum for Families What Happens After We Die?

People have always wondered what happens when they die. We’ll look at medieval manuscripts in the study room and see how people in medieval times pictured the hereafter. A visit to the exhibition HOPE will give us a chance to contemplate modern works of art that address this same subject.  Participants will then work with their parents to give visual form to their ideas about what happens after death.


Please note: This event is intended to give parents and children an opportunity to engage with one another and talk about their thoughts, their hopes – and maybe even their worries. To create a favourable environment for this, we have designed the event for pairs of one child, one parent.


Participation fee € 6 per person (ages 8 and up)
Please register by the Thursday of the week prior to the event

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MuseumsSpaß 2020 | © Draiflessen Collection

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