Annual Programme 2022

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Dear visitors,

Now as ever, the circumstances of our life demand that we take a serious look at the world we live in, and thus at ourselves as well. Certain changes in our society as well as in our environment are irreversible and will have a lasting influence on our future. The resulting uncertainty causes many people to feel uneasy or even to fear the future. The recent months, however, have shown once again that humans are among the most adaptable living beings and that it thus depends upon us how we deal with the challenges but also with the opportunities of the future. 

As the Draiflessen Collection Team we have set ourselves the task, for the year 2022, of not simply settling for a “new normal” again. We’d like to make conscious use of our recent experiences and, at best, of our insights – to examine them and to engage all those concerned in conversation about them. Our motto for the year is “Listening and Learning”: Through the exhibitions we have planned with this idea in mind, and our wide-ranging cultural and educational programme, we’d like to offer you a large variety of impulses and inspiration and invite you to a lively exchange of ideas as we look into the future full of curiosity.

Sincerely yours
Corinna Otto 
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