Holiday Activities | 16.07.2020 | 11.00 – 13.00

Fun at the Museum for Families Full Speed Ahead – with Rubbish!

Flotsam and jetsam is what we call the debris that washes up on shores. Much of this beach litter consists of things that have fallen off ships out at sea or that have been swept into the ocean during a storm. Sadly, a lot of it is rubbish that pollutes the environment. At this “Fun at the Museum”, we’ll build a small ship out of rubbish, one that really floats on water! Please bring items from home that you want to use for your model boat – you and your parents will then build the boat together.
Please note: This event is designed for pairs of one child, one parent. 

Participation fee € 6 (ages 6 and up)
Please register by the Thursday of the week prior to the event

Erscheinungsbild  museiumsspa%c3%9f 2020
MuseumsSpaß 2020 | © Draiflessen Collection

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