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Special Exhibition | 11.10.2020 – 07.02.2021

Emil Nolde – a critical approach by Mischa Kuball

In his installations, conceptual artist Mischa Kuball (b. 1959) shatters rigid interpretive models and lays bare the many-layered overlapping structures of the production and perception of art. Kuball’s scrutiny of the artist Emil Nolde (1867–1956) as historical and highly contradictory figure opens up discursive spaces.

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Showcase Exhibition | 05.11.2020 – 09.05.2021


The bellicose rivalry between the leading maritime powers of England, Spain, and the Netherlands for supremacy in overseas trade was accompanied in the seventeenth century by the emergence of an independent genre of art: the seascape.

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Presentation | 11.11.2020 – 09.05.2021

„Das Meer ruft!“

A Venture into Sound Film

At first glance, the clothing trade and the film business do not seem to have much in common. In the 1920s, however, both sectors enjoyed an upswing – and businessman Bernhard Joseph Brenninkmeijer, co-owner of C&A, spotted an investment opportunity.

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13.30 – 14.30 | Public Tour
in the 17th century a n independent genre of art emerges: the seascpae. The showcase exhibition takes a look at the fascination of artists with the sea.
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15.00 – 16.00 | Public Tour
Get to know more about the current Exhibition EMIL NOLDE – A CRITICAL APPROACH BY MISCHA KUBALL in one of our public tours!
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27.08.2020 Draiflessen Clips

Was tun, wenn man niemand die Ausstellungen und Präsentationen besuchen kann, die gerade bei uns im Haus gezeigt werden?

30.06.2020 Modegeschichten der 1920er-Jahre

Wir laden unsere Besucher*innen ein, eigene Modegeschichten der 1920er-Jahre zu erzählen, um unsere digitale Ausstellung MODEBILDER. DIE 1920er-JAHRE IN C&A-MODEANZEIGEN mit Geschichten aus dem Leben der Eltern, Großeltern, Tanten zu erweitern.