MAIN SPACE | 05.04.2023 – 16.07.2023


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As a direct follow-up to Michael Pinsky’s installation THE FINAL BID, we would like to enter the discussion about ecological sustainability—also in the cultural sector. Carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise, and the Earth’s fragile ecosystems are increasingly unstable and unpredictable. Estimates of how the environment will behave are becoming less reliable, as the conditions under which such prognoses were developed are constantly changing or no longer exist as they once did. 

This theme is at the heart of the Draiflessen Collection’s spring/summer 2023 program. The focus is on the questions: How can we (survive) in the age of rapid climate change? What perspectives are needed to reassess the relationship between humans and the environment? The project was inspired and motivated by our recent collaboration with the British artist Michael Pinsky and the jointly developed exhibition THE FINAL BID, as well as by the enormous boom that the topics of environmental protection and climate change have experienced in recent years— not least in cultural institutions, as evidenced by the key phrase “green museum.” 

During the planned period, the museum will be less a venue for a traditional exhibition and more a place and platform for discussion, conversation, and exchange. A series of different event and presentation formats is planned. Representatives from various expert communities will be invited to approach the questions from artistic, scientific, and political-activist perspectives and creatively search for new possibilities and results. How do they do it? And what can we learn from them? 
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