Excursion | 03.08.2023 | 07.00 – 20.00

Excursion to Paderborn and Petershagen *** fully booked
as part of the double exhibition CAUTION, GLASS!

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As part of the double exhibition CAUTION GLASS! the Draiflessen Collection offers an excursion to Paderborn and Petershagen. In Paderborn, a guided tour of the workshop of Glasmalerei Peters is planned. The glass painting Peters is a family business, managed now already in the third and fourth generation, meanwhile for over 100 years.
In addition to the preservation, maintenance and refinement of old arts and crafts traditions in the sacred and secular areas, the workshop has also dedicated itself to the unusual, innovative techniques of today. Extraordinarily important restoration works of the workshop are – for example – the Altenberg Cathedral, the cathedrals of Seville, Girona and Chartres.
Participants get a completely different view of glass as a material during a guided tour of the Glashütte Gernheim industrial monument in Petershagen. Its landmark is the imposing 200-year-old cone tower, one of the last of its kind in Europe.
In the adjoining museum, the excursion participants experience how the glassmakers use a pipe, wooden mold and scissors to make vessels from the red-hot mass. These are then refined by an engraver through cutting and engraving. Also preserved from the early industrial factory village on the Weser are workers' houses, the old basketry and the large residence of the former smelter owners.

Participation fee per person € 79
Register by July 21 via anmeldung@draiflessen.com or +49 (0)5452.9168-3500.
Caution, Glass!