The Art of Preservation

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The accompanying publication picks the four exhibition areas - preserving, documenting, collecting and exploring - on as an outline. These are explained in richly illustrated articles and illustrated by exhibition views. Supplement Additional essays by experts from various persuasions and deepen the themes. Archivists, scientists and museum-from university context and restorers overlook the phenomenon 'archives' from their perspective. They sensitize the reader for the meanings of archives and challenges faced by the archives today.

Barbara Segelken
Winfried Bergmeyer, Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer, Annegret Buller, Lars Herzog-Wodtke, Olesja Nein, Corinna Otto, Klaus Pollmeier, Ruth Rasche, Dietmar Schenk, Barbara Segelken, Sven Spieker, Martin Warnke, Martin Weisser

140 pages, with numerous coloured illustrations, softcover, 32 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-3-942359-23-8 (DE)
ISBN 978-3-942359-25-2 (GB)
ISBN 978-3-942359-24-5 (NL)


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The Art of Preservation

... ansprechend gestalteter, gehaltvoller Katalog ...
Rainer Hering, in: Auskunft, 36. Jahrgang, Juni 2016, Heft 1