Capella de la Torre: Renaissance meets Jazz, Concert on Easter Monday meet MUSIC

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Venue: St. Agatha, Kardinal-von-Galen-Straße 8, 49497 Mettingen
Begin: 02.04.2018, 7:30 p.m.
Admission: 6:30 p.m.
Tickets: € 20, concessions € 15 | can be purchased at the Draiflessen Collection, in advance and at the box office
Advance ticketing locations: Draiflessen Mon–Fri 8:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m., Gerbus W., Geschwister-Voss-Straße 3, Mettingen, Touristinformation, Clemensstraße 2, Mettingen

In the concert, Capella de la Torre goes on a search for the roots of jazz and brings old music and contemporary improvisation together. New worlds of sound are created: unfamiliar, enthralling, and fascinating, even though they have actually already existed since the early modern era. Just as the musicians of the 16th century carried away and inspired their listeners, this also happens now in the present.

Music has always involved improvisation. In the early 15th century, it was even quite uncommon to play from notes. Musicians instead improvised with and on a theme that was often folk-tune-like and generally familiar. It is thanks to this musical practice that many pieces of music were composed for only one instrument, although they were frequently performed by multiple instruments.

Renaissance meets Jazz
Over the course of time, people started to add embellishments and create an extensive codex of rules and instructions for improvising: ‘Il vero modo de diminuir’—the correct method of improvising. It was often simple motets or songs that were now embellished quite elaborately and consequently once again created anew—hence standards, which, just as in jazz, serve as the basis for improvisation. If one takes this thought one step further, a jazz musician is therefore a kind of alter ego of a Renaissance musician.

What seems perfectly natural to the musicians also occurs in the ears of the audience when the lute player in the ensemble suddenly begins to improvise on the e-guitar, the shawm takes over the part of a clarinet or saxophone, or the percussionist combines his historical instruments in in a way similar to a drum set.

Capella de la Torre
Birgit Bahr, alto pommer
Tural Ismayilov, trombone
Regina Hahnke, bass dulcian
Johannes Vogt, lute and e-guitar
Martina Fiedler, organ
David Becker, e-guitar
Katharina Bäuml, shawm, pommer, and conducting

Credit: © Capella de la Torre

meet MUSIC: Renaissance meets Jazz | © Draiflessen Collection
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Capella de la Torre