Special Exhibition | 11.05.2011 – 08.01.2012

C&A zieht an! Impressions from a One Hundred Years Company History

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The special exhibition documented an – for the C&A company – eventful century with a targeted selection of themes from the core areas of brand names, fashion, advertising, merchandise management, staff and architecture, reflecting the fascinating diversity of the chain store company. The exhibits included, among other items, newspaper advertisements and promotional films, design drawings and pieces of clothing, architectural models and cash register systems. The assembling of the round two hundred and fifty objects and archival materials – for the most part from our own holdings – was subject to a selection that consciously emphasized the main themes with the goal of capturing snapshots of the history of the company and making it possible for visitors to experience it. It was therefore possible to focus respectively on a historical event, the zeitgeist of an era or visions and ideas that were significant in the development of the company.

C&A zieht an! | © Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen, Foto / Photo: Alistair Overbruck

Press comments

Bei der Aufarbeitung der Geschichte von C&A blickt das Unternehmen auch auf das sicherlich dunkelste Kapitel in den letzten 100 Jahren: die Rolle in der Zeit des Dritten Reiches. Dabei gehen Familie und Firma offensiv und ungeschminkt an das heikle Thema heran. Oliver Langemeyer, in: Ibbenbürener Volkszeitung vom 21. Mai 2011

… uneingeschränkte Offenheit, mit der die Familie nun die Firmengeschichte aufarbeitet. Walter Pellinghausen, in: Süddeutsche Zeitung vom 13. Mai 2011

Imposante Ausstellung Hagen Seidel, in: Welt am Sonntag vom 5. Juni 2011