Performance | 18.01.2019 | 19.00

Vince Ebert and His View of the World *** fully booked! An Evening with the Scientist and Comedian

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Comedian, physicist, author – entertainer Vince Ebert blurs the boundaries of these professions. He’ll be at the Draiflessen Collection presenting excerpts from his current programme, “Zukunft Is the Future”, in which he ventures a glimpse into our future by looking at big data, self-driving cars, and the truthfulness of predictions.
And he gets to the bottom of a number of essential questions, such as: Is imagination something we really need – how important is it? Ebert not only explores how we form an impression of the world in our minds but also reveals the obstacles thermodynamics poses for us: Why is the universe going inexorably downhill? What does physics tell us about time and space? With tongue in cheek, Ebert uses scientific findings to define our all-too-human ways. It’ll be fun, it’ll be funny – it’ll be an evening of exceptional entertainment!

Participation fee including visit to the exhibition € 20 / concessions € 15
Participation fee without visit to the exhibition € 15 / concessions € 12

2019 01 18 vince ebert 1
Vince Ebert | © Frank Eidel