across boundaries

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The exhibition catalogue accompanies the exhibition dedicating itself to the qualities of maps as surfaces for projecting the world. The exhibition puts maps from various epochs in relation to artworks by international artists that examine the cartographic depiction of space or the influence of maps on our view of the world.
Starting from the characteristics of maps, the publication is structured in three closely interlinked areas: 'Knowledge', 'Imagination', and 'Power'.

Draiflessen Collection

Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer, Iris Ellers, Markus Gabriel, Andrea Kambartel, Corinna Otto, Kathrin Röggla, Nicole Roth, Ute Schneider, Markus Schroer

Mettingen 2018, 158 pages, softcover 
ISBN 978-3-942359-41-2 (D) 
ISBN 978-3-942359-43-6 (NL) 
ISBN 978-3-942359-42-9 (GB)
Catalogue across boundaries | © Draiflessen Collection, Grafik | Layout: Carmen Strzelecki, Köln

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