Concert | 27.10.2019 | 11.30

meet MUSIC: Duo Anouchka and Katharina Hack Foyer concert & reception

For this concert, cellist Anouchka Hack and her sister, pianist Katharina Hack, draw inspiration from the exhibition Love – all of the composers whose works will be performed share a deep love for their respective homelands, a rootedness to home that can be clearly heard in their musical idioms. The composers’ soundscapes are distinctive and possess a unique identity that is directly connected to their native countries – Béla Bartók and Frédéric Chopin, for example, both respond, each in his own way, to the folk dances of their homelands; Robert Schumann’s Adagio and Allegro has a sound that seems naturally familiar to the German listener; and in Leoš Janáček’s Pohádka, one can distinctly hear the sound of the Czech forest.

Please note: Following the concert, visitors are invited to take a guided tour of the exhibition Love (participation fee € 6). As the number of participants will be limited, separate registration for the tour is required.

Tickets € 25, concessions € 20 (includes a welcome drink), advance booking € 23,50, concessions € 18,50 
Booking offices: gatehouse Draiflessen (mon–fri 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.), Touristinfo Mettingen, Clemensstraße 2, 49497 Mettingen; WOHN.BAR, Burgstraße 11, 49497 Mettingen

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Anouchka und Katharina Hack | © Britt Marie Ahrens