Excursion | 07.05.2019 | 08.00 – 18.30

Excursion to Emden

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Faith at the interface between the humanities and theology – this is on beautiful display at the John a Lasco library (Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek) in Emden. Founded in the sixteenth century, it is the world’s foremost library to focus specifically on the history of theology and Protestantism.
A small city in northern Germany, Emden was in times past the site of many religious confrontations. We’ll take a boat trip and discover the city.
The excursion concludes with a visit to the Kunsthalle Emden.

Guide: Dr Hans Peterse
Participation fee € 69; registration by 30 April 2019

Innen 10
Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek (Interior) | © Tomas Riehle