OPEN UP! strange and familiar

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The fourth volume of our series OPEN UP! accompanies the showcase exhibition ‘strange and familiar’ trying to approach the man and the artist Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn.
Rembrandt infused his etchings of biblical subjects with an intense inwardness. He was a master at transporting these religious scenes to his particular time and place, the Calvinist Netherlands of the seventeenth century, while at the same time drawing inspiration from pictorial traditions and the Bible’s rich, detailed text. Rembrandt sought to capture and depict the essence of the biblical events. 
His orchestration of light and dark and the powerful interactions of his figures, whose facial expressions and gestures convey great presence, are what makes these images oscillate, to this day, between strange and familiar.

Draiflessen Collection 

Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer, Iris Ellers, Corinna Otto, Tanja Revermann, Maria Spitz

52 pages, with numerous coloured illustrations, softcover, 27 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-3-942359-45-0

0236 001
Cover 'OPEN UP! strange and familiar' | © Draiflessen Collection