Special Exhibition | 23.04.2012 – 24.06.2012

Inspired by 100 Years of C&A An Initiative of the Draiflessen Collection in Cooperation with the Trier University of Applied Sciences and C&A

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This special exhibition focussed on the results of a design competition for the younger generation that was organized in the winter semester of 2011/12 in cooperation with the department of fashion design at the Trier University of Applied Sciences. On the occasion of the competition, seventy models designed by students in the first three semesters were exhibited. The idea for this unusual initiative arose within the framework of C&A Germany’s company anniversary, which the Draiflessen Collection honoured with the special exhibition entitled C&A Attracts! Impressions from One Hundred Years of Company History. Fashion silhouettes from the history of C&A, each of which was characteristic of a particular decade served as the basis for all the works presented in the exhibition. The task for the students consisted of interpreting these silhouettes and developing innovative forms through linking the past and present. What therefore stood in the foreground was a synthesising of the model of a historical silhouette and the integration of highly up-to-date trends.

Inspired by 100 Years of C&A | © Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen, Foto / Photo: Alistair Overbruck