Showcase Exhibition | 24.05.2013 – 03.11.2013

Marks and Monograms

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With its first showcase exhibition in the Liberna Study Hall, the Draiflessen Collection presented examples connected with the creation and diversity of early printers’ marks and artist monograms. Personal symbols, which – at the end of the fifteenth century – simultaneously served as trademark, symbol of quality and certificate of origin, furthermore indicating a printer or artist’s deep spiritual connection with his work – and this at a time when protection of copyright did not yet play a role. Nonetheless, the desire for individual recognisability led to the creation of particularly beautiful ‘brands’ that were self-contained both artistically and in terms of content, and also individually tuned to the specific individual. These often vivid symbols also reflect piety, ambitiousness and diligence as well as professional pride, vanity, erudition, an appreciation of art, taste and a need for decoration – as a selection of twenty-five incunabula, drawings and graphic works from the Liberna Collection show.

Marks and Monograms | © Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen