Showcase Exhibition | 15.11.2013 – 02.02.2014

„Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen …“

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The showcase exhibition in the Liberna Study Hall dealt with the story of the Nativity based on the popular ecclesiastical Christmas carol. The song, which only consisted of two verses at the end of the fifteenth/beginning of the sixteenth century, was disseminated very rapidly and supplemented by more and more verses. It developed into a narrative folksong with, in the end, twenty-three verses in which the events of the Nativity – from the annunciation to the visitation, the pilgrimage, the birth and the visit of the three Wise Men from the East – are described. Eighteen objects from the Liberna Collection from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century, including miniatures, woodcuts, etchings, drawings and graphic works, illustrated the song. The objects were each supplemented by a corresponding couplet from the song – as well as by the music from the Speyer Hymnal of 1599.

„Es ist ein Ros’ entsprungen …“ | © Draiflessen Collection, Mettingen