Interactive programme | 09.05.2020

Excursion to Hagen and Essen ... canceled! Jugendstil live

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The Museum Folkwang is a cultural highlight of the city of Essen. The idea for the museum goes back to Karl Ernst Osthaus. After deciding against a future in the family business, Osthaus studied art history – and in 1902, he used his inheritance to found the Museum Folkwang in his home town of Hagen, at the time a thriving industrial city. Following Osthaus’s early death, the museum’s collection was sold to Essen, in 1922, and a museum with the same name, Folkwang – a name borrowed from Norse mythology – was established: in the Edda, a collection of Old Norse poems, Fólkvangr (people’s meadow) is a term used to describe the abode of the goddess Freya. Our day-long excursion ends with a tour of Osthaus’s Jugendstil villa, the Hohenhof, completed in 1908 and built by the renowned Belgian interior designer and architect Henry van de Velde.

Participation fee; registration required

Au%c3%9fenansicht hohenhof
Außenansicht Hohenhof | © Willi Moll