Excursion | 17.04.2021

Excursion to Cuxhaven ... cancelled! The Extremes of Seafaring

With SEASCAPES the Draiflessen Collection will take visitors back in time to the sometimes belligerent, sometimes romantic, but always fascinating world of seventeenth-century seafaring. Reason enough to take a more in-depth look at the subject of sea travel and navigation! The shipwreck and fishery museum Windstärke 10 (Wind Force 10), which opened at the end of 2013 in Cuxhaven’s historic fish-packing halls, explores the extremes of seafaring, enables visitors to experience the perils of the sea, tells stories of shipwreck and the struggle to survive, and describes the hard work on board ships and the risks for boat and crew. After lunch at Unikat, located directly opposite the museum in Cuxhaven’s harbour district, the group will take a guided walk across the mudflats and explore the Wadden Sea in Lower Saxony, a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site.

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Windstärke 10 | © Museum Windstärke 10

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