Closed but Open We are closed, but we open up anyway!

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Dear everybody out there,

We're closed, but we're still opening up: our exhibitions are ready, the upcoming show HOPE is being set up untiringly, and we want to let everyone participate. Therefore we want to share everything that we can about the artworks and the work which is still going on behind the scenes through our website and social media!

The title of our exhibition HOPE defines the motto. But also our showcase exhibition ON THE THIRD DAY... and our presentation PERSONAL FAVOURITES: "Onkel Canterbumm – How an Advertising Character Made It into the Archive" will be opened to you virtually. At the moment educational staff is developing a programme about the exhibitions that will soon be available.
We will keep you updated here, but also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter concerning everything we are developing around our exhibitions and programmes.

TODAY we start with the question: What does hope mean to you?, which we have asked all our colleagues–whether in our home office or at Draiflessen working on the the exhibition or keeping our museum in operation. We post the answers and collect them here.
Feel free to participate in any manner–either by e-mail: or on our social media channels:

Facebook: @DraiflessenCollection 
Instagram: @draiflessencollection 
Twitter: @draiflessencoll 

UPDATE 31.03.2020
Click here for download and color Onkel Canterbumm! Send us your pictures:

UPDATE 26.03.2020
Today we have added exhibition views, pictures and information on our presentation PERSONAL FAVORITES ONKEL CANTERBUMM – HOW AN ADVERTISING CHARACTER MADE IT INTO THE ARCHIVE. Have fun!

UPDATE 24.03.2020
We have added further content to our website!
On the page HOPE you will now find a small visual exhibition tour, information on the exhibits and some worksheets for children, which can be filled out: just print them out. We also added audio files about the exhibition and the trilogy FAITH, LOVE, HOPE.
On the page about the exhibition ON THE THIRD DAY … you can find a whole range of the exhibited works along with the most important information about the topic. Please scroll down to the worksheet for children.
CANTERBUMM provides information about the presentation and the topic ARCHIVE and it is supplemented by a number of exhibits.
Our BLOG "What is hope?" is growing daily–thank you so much for your great support. We are looking forward to every input no matter in which language!

Exhibition "On the third day ...": worksheet for children is available here for download. Print out and fill in or save and fill in on the PC!


Closed but open  2
Closed but Open