Podium | 04.12.2020 | 09.30 – 15.00

Student Day 2020 Of Concealing and Revealing

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On the occasion of the exhibition "Emil Nolde - a critical approach by Mischa Kuball"—opening in October 2020—the Draiflessen Collection is organising a conference which will double as the annual Student Day. The event will be aimed mainly at students studying for a Master's Degree or PhD, and post-PhD academics. The artist Mischa Kuball (born in 1959) has accepted the Draiflessen Collection's invitation to take on the brief to explore Emil Nolde (1867–1956). Starting from the foundation in Seebüll, Kuball uses a variety of approaches to look at Nolde. Using film, he creates themes reflecting established patterns of perception in Nolde's art, without affirming them. Instead, the gaze is irritated, often even distorted.

In line with the exhibition, the conference focuses on the topic of concealment. Closely connected to this are practices of removing and revealing, the act of selection, naming and rejection, which attribute status and authority to an object.

Until recently, the removal, concealment and complete disappearance, but also acts of exhibiting works are processes that can be observed in the example of Nolde, and that still raise questions from a contemporary perspective. What situation do we find ourselves in regarding continuity and takeaways from the times of the Empire as well as the Weimar Republic in the subsequent era of National Socialism followed by a German Federal Republic? What contexts of arguments are being drawn upon or newly established? Where do we find disconnections (or continuity), which are often bridged or obscured by means of rhetoric? How did (and do) educational and research institutions deal with their (Nazi) history in the immediate post-war era? Who or what can catalyse or stimulate the processes of reinterpretation and shifts in meaning?

The conference will take place in the presence of the artist Mischa Kuball. It invites discussion about diverging concepts of recollection and requirements of interpretation with the help of individual case studies. Regarding the 20th and 21st-century, the question of protagonists, groups of protagonists, their interests and the processes of negotiating claims to recognition in the context of respective political frameworks will be addressed.

As a student day, the conference is aimed at students of Master's Degrees, volunteers at museums, PhD students and post-PhD academics from the humanities and social sciences. It offers opportunities for representatives of different subject areas to meet and is consequently designed for multi-disciplinary interaction.

Studierendentag 2020
Studierendentag 2020 | © Draiflessen Collection / Archiv Mischa Kuball, Düsseldorf

Format und Anmeldung

Veranstaltungsformat asynchron/synchron
Die Veranstaltung splittet sich in zwei Teile: es wird einen asynchronen und einen synchronen Part geben. Was den asynchronen Part betrifft, so werden vom 27.11.–4.12. für eine Woche alle Präsentationen auf einer eigens eingerichteten Plattform zur individuellen Lektüre und Vorbereitung zur Verfügung stehen. Innerhalb dieser Woche kann die Plattform nach Anmeldung mit einem Link und Passwort angesteuert werden. Der synchrone Teil findet am 4.12. statt und ist – nach kurzen Statements der Referent*innen – den Diskussionen gewidmet.

Bei Interesse an einer Teilnahme bitten wir Sie, sich per E-Mail bei Nicole Roth anzumelden (nicole.roth@draiflessen.com). Wir senden Ihnen dann den Teilnahme-Link und das Passwort für die Plattform zu. Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich gern auch telefonisch an Nicole Roth (05452.9168-3017).