„Das Meer ruft!“ A Venture into Sound Film

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DAS MEER RUFT! A Venture into Sound Film
11 November 2020 to 20 June 2021

Draiflessen Collection
Georgstraße 16 | 49497 Mettingen
info@draiflessen.com | www.draiflessen.com

The perfection of a method of recording and reproducing sound on film was the challenge of the 1920s. Against this backdrop, an unusual partnership was formed: the textile retailer Bernhard Joseph Brenninkmeijer and the Catholic priest and physicist Heinrich Könemann set about developing such a method and eventually founded their own film company: Eidophon. Two feature films were made - one of them was Das Meer ruft! with Heinrich George as main actor.

The exhibition in DAS Forum introduces the two protagonists and tells about the development and failure of this remarkable joint venture.

Das Meer ruft! | © Draiflessen Collection

Das Meer ruft!

Porträtaufnahme von Bernhard Joseph Brenninkmeijer, um 1925

Dreharbeiten zum Spielfilm Das Meer ruft!, Eidophon-Zeitung, 1 (1932)

Titelseite der ersten und einzigen Ausgabe der Eidophon-Zeitung vom Oktober 1932