Excursion | 07.08.2021

Excursion to Cologne Plaque and Perfume

In conjunction with the cabinet exhibition STAY HEALTHY, we are offering an excursion to Cologne. The history of humanity has repeatedly been shaped by disease and plague, which also struck the city of Cologne. How have the residents coped with these difficult times over the centuries? Following a guided tour of the extensive archaeological site below the Cologne cathedral, we will examine precisely this question in the historical city tour “Plague, Pestilence, Hospitals: Health and Disease in Times Past.” Participants can explore the living conditions of past eras, illuminated by extensive background information on hospitals, diseases, and remedies from antiquity to the modern period. One common belief was that the plague was transmitted by bad smells, which led people to try to prevent diseases using scents. The day in Cologne will therefore culminate in a visit to the Farina Fragrance Museum, where we will explore the unusual correlation between “plague and perfume.” Registration and participation fee required.

Eau de Cologne | © Johann Maria Farina /CC BY-SA 4.0

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