DAS FORUM | 15.02.2023 – 20.08.2023

CAUTION, GLASS! A dual exhibition
The Leaded Glass Windows by Joep Nicolas from C&A Utrecht 

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In the year 1939, the well-known Roermond glazier and artist Joep Nicolas designed a total of ten leaded glass windows for the new building of C&A Utrecht. After the store closed, the richly painted windows were removed, restored, and found their way into the Draiflessen Collection in 2019. Just like the exhibited unipartite panels in the Liberna study room, the large-format leaded glass windows by Joep Nicolas are components of a secular architecture with religious and allegorical motifs. Also, in terms of painting technique, the unipartite panels and the leaded glass windows resemble each other at first glance, although several centuries lie between them. The presentation addresses, for the first time, the iconographic and technical features of the windows as well as their history of creation. 
Together with the showcase exhibition in the study room, the presentation in DAS Forum is also dedicated to the different facets of glass as a material. As an interface between the two, the “Blue Room” will shed light on the fascinating glassmaking techniques.