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 DAS Forum—meaning THE Forum, although here “DAS” also stands for “Draiflessen, Archiv und Sammlung” (Draiflessen, archive and collection)—was opened in 2018. It is a place for interdisciplinary exchange on specific themes and areas of focus within the Draiflessen archive and collection. Preserving items for posterity is a task that the Brenninkmeijer founding family has set itself. 
In the Draiflessen Collection archive, objects, documents and other items connected with the history of the family and its commercial enterprises are collected, preserved, documented, rigorously researched and exhibited. Starting from questions and topics arising out of this work with our holdings, we develop presentations that are accompanied by symposia and publications. Academics, students and creatives from different spheres here find source material, inspiration and a platform. The changing presentations are accessible to the public free of charge during the museum’s regular opening hours. 
All visitors are warmly invited to explore and—above all—to dialogue with DAS Forum.    
Exhibition View DAS MEER RUFT! | © Draiflessen Collection

Work and seminar space

Alongside its function as a place for presentations and research, DAS Forum also serves as a workspace for the archive and collection team. This is reflected in the layout of the multipurpose space. On the room’s shorter wall, a large white area can be used as a projection screen during presentations, lectures and symposia. One half of the room contains two workstations, enabling members of the Draiflessen team to work on site, together with a large round table and chairs, at which visitors are invited to pursue research and discussions. This area is also where items destined for the archive and the collection are received and processed, before moving to their permanent location in the stacks or the storage facility, under the best conditions in terms of their conservation. Selected items are thereby temporarily put on show in the display cases, where they can be viewed at first hand. 


The other half of the room is used for the current temporary presentation in the DAS Forum program. Thanks to a flexible connector system, the cabinets and display cases can be adapted to the respective theme and its specific requirements, so that the space is constantly in motion.     

Past Presentations