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People have hope, cling to hope, lose hope, regain hope, or hopelessly despair. But what does hope mean?

In the final part of our exhibition trilogy FAITH, LOVE, HOPE, the Draiflessen Collection will focus on the concept of hope as a principle of openness to possibilities that are in actuality not (yet) available. Works of art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including pieces by Michael Buthe, Duane Michals, and Fritz Winter, will highlight ambiguities and possible contradictions: is hope the confidence that “everything will go well”, or is it something closer to blind delusion? Is it invigorating and motivating, or might it not actually be paralysing? 

Draiflessen Collection

Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer, Claudia Blöser, Andrea Kambartel, Ralf Lutz, Michael Makropoulos

Mettingen 2020, 189 pages, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-942359-52-8  (D, GB, NL)

Hope | © Draiflessen Collection, Studio Carmen Strzelecki