MAIN SPACE | 22.03.2020 – 21.06.2020

Part 3 of the exhibition trilogy FAITH, LOVE, HOPE

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People have hope, cling to hope, lose hope, regain hope, or hopelessly despair. But what does hope mean?

In the final part of our exhibition trilogy FAITH, LOVE, HOPE, the Draiflessen Collection will focus on the concept of hope as a principle of openness to possibilities that are in actuality not (yet) available. Works of art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, including pieces by Michael Buthe, Duane Michals, and Fritz Winter, will highlight ambiguities and possible contradictions: is hope the confidence that “everything will go well”, or is it something closer to blind delusion? Is it invigorating and motivating, or might it not actually be paralysing?

The works in this show will demonstrate that the process of hoping involves a shifting of the boundaries of knowledge, experience, and consciousness, that these boundaries can be transcended or completely dissolved. Via the medium of art, hope thus becomes an object of contemplation, self-inquiry, and discussion.

Joseph Beuys, Lee Bul, Michael Buthe, Sofia Hultén, Wolfgang Mattheuer, Duane Michals, Anna Oppermann, Antoni Tàpies, Philippe Vandenberg, Fritz Winter

A richly illustrated, trilingual catalogue (German, English, Dutch) will be published in conjunction with the exhibition.


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Hope | © Draiflessen Collection, Studio Carmen Strzelecki



The music that accompanies the exhibition trilogy FAITH, LOVE, HOPE can be found here as a playlist on Spotify!

Music selection
Thomas Gilbert
Raoul Mörchen

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Playlist HOPE | © Draiflessen Collection

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